Magma Joins LlamaLabs (Acquisition)

Magma Joins LlamaLabs

We are excited to say LlamaLabs will acquire Magma as a main entity. We are excited to continue the existing roadmap items & also expand the WEB2 utility, education and networking aspects. Magma is full of developers, founders, builders and awesome community members — which we plan to heavily expand.

We will continue to push the boundaries for Magma. We have a clear focus on expanding Magma’s networking utility and getting contact with more WEB2 brands (mainly in UAE to start off). Hellequinnn, the co-founder of LlamaLabs will be moving to Dubai to continue to expand partnerships. He has worked closely with Magma and has attended a majority of WEB2 based meeting previously with Astraa. He understands Magma’s vision and the community’s vision and will continue to push for that.

Magma will not change based on what was explained to holders. We will keep the current team that Magma has in place as well! Also for transparency, we transferred any remaining funds from Magma’s treasury to our LlamaLabs wallet (0xcc5cDaB325689Bcd654aB8611c528e60CC8CBe6A). We will ensure any funds deposited will be used solely on Magma’s development. If need be, we will also allocate more funds from LlamaLabs to expand upon Magma.

One thing to note is Llamaverse does have a significant track record with smaller groups. Llamaverse has 2 attributes called Static and Animated. The Animated group is a supply of 500 (had a peak of 16 ETH valuation per Animated). This part of the collection has its own unique benefits and utility. As far as value gained from these holders it’s been extremely beneficial to them. We understand how to grow smaller groups and want to ensure that Magma itself will continue to focus on the networking, education and exceptional WEB2 utility. LlamaLabs has a team of around 40 — with NFTLlama overseeing a majority of it.

Plans for Magma

We want to continue with turning Magma into a super group vs a utility group. The group will consist of reputable founders/experts and holders who want to engage with each other in both WEB2 and WEB3. We want to continue with connecting holders together and developing a community while simultaneously expanding WEB2 utility/benefits.

Being able to manage a smaller group is very important to us so there will be 0 expansion of the group. The group will continue to remain exclusive for Magma holders. We will also look to bring in utility that can’t be diluted from LlamaLabs directly within Magma (such as tool access or platform access).

With Hellequinnn moving to Dubai, he will continue to expand on the amazing network that is already established — and will be able to communicate with many of our close friends within Dubai.

Our core focuses over the next month:

  • Expand the current network via MagmaBridge. We will continue the conversations with WEB2 companies looking to onboard the space as we have previously (we are currently talking to a number of them at the moment).
  • First release will be MagmaConnect. We will be utilizing LlamaLabs resources to push release more efficiently.
  • More community activities and communication from executive members.
  • LlamaLabs will be bringing Magma multiple new team members to push collaborations further so expect more direct benefits as a holder (including free access to platforms & WL opportunities).
  • Expansion of high-level WEB2/WEB3 partnerships.
  • NFTLearn and Mobius (as mentioned in MagmaAcademy) will be finishing up — this will be great to continue to push education internally for Magma.
  • A strategic plan will be created to continue to bring value via MagmaLifestyle. We understand the benefits of WEB2 utility.

Benefits from LlamaLabs to Magma

We will briefly go over the benefits we will add from LlamaLabs to Magma. We want to again not dilute anything from LlamaLabs but we’d love to offer Magma some instant benefits but will continue to look into offering more especially as LlamaLabs grows.

  • Access to Noti.Finance enabled now. (tutorial here —
  • Access to WhitelistPing Platform without needing to own the WhitelistPing NFT (release is scheduled for Sept).
  • Automatic whitelist to OperationSIN (we will handle these on 08/26 with an announcement on how to claim).
  • Ability to leverage current network. Llamaverse is ranked 16th on NFTInspect along with having a massive WEB3 network.
  • Expansion of corporate partnerships. LlamaLabs is bringing on two high-level partnerships next month and will be extended directly to Magma.
  • High level access to GosuTools — a tool developed by Silicon Valley engineers with an exceptional background.

With LlamaLabs acquiring Magma, we want to ensure all magma holders will not have their value diluted by another community. In the future the most we will do is potentially extend discounts and have Llamaverse be apart of MagmaConnect but 100% want this to be separated and branded under it’s own entity.

Outro from LlamaLabs

Again we want to encourage feedback from current and future community members. The LlamaLabs team is excited to push Magma to the next level with adopting the core values that holders all know and love. We will be working extremely hard and vigilant to complete a majority of the core focuses for the month and will explore new ways to add value to Magma enthusiasts.



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