NuCyber V1 (Development Plan)

10 min readAug 2, 2022


What is NuCyber?

Concept Art for Future NuBike Models

NuCyber is a gaming/metaverse platform focused on using blockchain technology to give more power to the players. You will be able to participate in quests, jobs, activities, mini-games and interact with others as you journey throughout the environment. We are apart of Gridcraft’s ecosystem and they will be creating lots of unique functionalities that NuCyber holders/players can also participate in.

NuCyber is built utilizing Pixel’s technology and game functions. This opens up a world of possibilities where we can create fun and quality gaming experiences quickly. The important parts of the game will be using blockchain technology to allow players to manage, trade, buy and sell different cosmetics/items they may earn within the gaming world.

The Vision

Our vision with NuCyber is to create a premium metaverse project while allowing you to experience a high quality and fun gaming/social experience. Our core focus is creating unique utility and playing experiences that utilize blockchain technology. We want residents of NuCyber to be able to truly own their rooms.

NuCyber is a luxury building located in the center of the Gridcraft City. There are roughly ~6,500 rooms in the NuCyber building with statuses that can range from standard rooms to penthouse rooms. As a NuCyber resident, you will be able to interact with your room in a large variety of ways, ability to participate in chances to get daily rewards, utilize your NuCyber residency benefits and be able to generate $BITS as a local.

Summary of Document

This document is super lengthy as it covers a lot of what we will be releasing in V1.5 for NuCyber. The first V1 will essentially cover the majority of the art and integration ready with some basic mechanics. Our internal timeline for Alpha Play Testing is near the end of August / Start of Sept (if not earlier).

This document will cover the following items:

  • NuCyber Sizes/NFT dynamics
  • NuCyber Utility
  • Basic Game Mechanics
  • $BITS

After we publish this article, we will release a gitbook which will be a much organized version for you to refer to. We’d like to release this article to cover everything for everyone at once before we release the gitbook.

NuCyber Sizes

Understanding the dynamics of how NuCyber properties work is super key and important for the ecosystem. There will be 4 different sizes for each NuCyber property — in the future we will explore ways on how we can merge these properties or make it very easy to navigate if you own multiple NuCybers.

There will be 4 sizes for NuCyber properties:

  • Small NuCyber Apartment
  • Medium NuCyber Apartment
  • Large NuCyber Apartment
  • Luxury (1:1) NuCyber Penthouse

The small, medium and large apartments will have full access to all utility described in the documents. The luxury penthouses will be bigger in size and have amplified utility which we will release in a separate page in the near future.

NuCyber Utility

Very early models in lower quality of a future hallway

Our main focus for NuCyber is to provide both utility in the WEB3 space but also within the gaming ecosystem in a non P2W (Pay to Win) manner. NuCyber is determined to create activities that only NuCyber residents can interact with. The activities included in the first version of NuCyber will be our foundation and we will be able to utilize data to create more value for our holders.

  • Ability to Earn $BITS
  • With $BITS this will include all access to the Gridcraft ecosystem such as purchasing in their future marketplace full of cosmetics/items and fully being able to participate in the Gridcity enviorment.
  • Customize & decorate your residencies.
  • Ability to own a Bike Parking Spot (travel throughout the city quicker than the average player).
  • Ability to own a pet (pets will give some minor in-game bonuses).
  • Daily Mailboxes provided to all NuCyber residents. Check your mailbox daily for potential WEB3 rewards, in-game items and more!
  • Ability to experience random interactions (Ex: Neighbor knocking at your door and you will have to make a choice — this choice can penalize or help you).
  • Build a NuBusiness directly from home.
  • Hire a Butler that can do a variety of activities for you.
  • Ability to host house parties!

NuCyber is set out to create a really fun and quality metaverse/gaming experience for both holders/players. We will now show you each utility and talk about it in depth with concept art for the models/gameplays that will be built.

Utility #1: Customize & Decorate

Super early concept of a NuCyber residency.

With NuCyber, you will be able to fully customize your room. This will include placing decorations, essential assets and unlockable in-game content. Each time when you place a decoration it requires energy. Energy is regenerated when you are either sleeping or dreaming.

With the customization of your room, you will be able to place items/assets like arcade machines, different types of flooring, items with utility and so much more.

Our plan is to create all utility within your NuCyber room(s). You will be able to fully manage all of the other utilities directly from your customized/personalized NuCyber property.

Utility #2: NuCyber Exclusive Biking Spots

Concept Art for Future NuCyber Bikes

One benefit of being a NuCyber resident gives you the ability to own a NuBicycle! You will be able to purchase a bike and travel around town a lot faster than the average player.

The more you travel, the higher the level your bike will become. Once you hit a certain level you will be able to used bikes earned from quests or purchased with $BITS.

Utility #3: NuCyber Allows Pets!

Concept Art for Future Models of Pets

At NuCyber, we want to ensure all residents feel comfortable in their residents. We made it a clear rule that pets are allowed inside our residents. You will be able to own a variety of pets and “level” them up by walking them. When you walk them, they will increase their level overtime but this requires energy.

Whenever you decide to walk your pet, they also have a chance of “digging up” random in-game items and potential cosmetics. Your chances of digging up an item will be increased as your pet level increases as well.

We plan to expand the utility with the pets and explore different ways to add more utility to your little buddy!

Utility #4: NuPost — Daily Mailboxes/Rewards

Concept Art for Future NuPost Mailbox (In Lobby)

You will be able to receive daily mail by being a NuCyber resident. Dailymail can consist of letters and packages. Somedays you will receive letters regarding potential in-game events, mysteries you may need to solve and general content about the city.

Other days, you may receive a “mystery” package. Open it up and find out what’s inside, the packages are known to hold items & cosmetics. Simply login per day and claim your reward as a NuCyber resident.

Utility #5: Random Interactions

Concept Art for Random Interaction Menus (Make a Choice)

What is a Random Interaction?

A random interaction can consist of different events that can happen while you are inside your apartment. Some of these interactions can benefit or hurt you depending on how you react to them.

One example of what a random interaction could be is:

A neighbor knocks on your door you were playing loud music. You can choose to open the door and discuss or keeping playing the loud music. One choice can affect you negatively. While the other choice can benefit you as a NuCyber resident.

These random interactions will allow you to become more engaged in the gaming enviorment and adds some fun. You never know what can happen as a NuCyber resident.

Utility #6: Build a NuBusiness

Concept Art for Future NuBusiness Models (Playable Game-Screen from Resident)

A NuBusiness is an online business you will be able to manage directly from your apartment. We will only start with one business and it will be owning an E-Commerce online store. You will be in charge of doing different tasks to grow the business.

The higher your business level is the more benefits and perks you will be able to unlock. This concept is early and changing so we will leave out major details until further notice.

Utility #7: Hire a NuButler

Concept Art for Future NuButler Model (Floating Robot w/ a suite)

What is a NuButler

A NuButler is an in-house personalized NPC that will cater to all NuCyber residents. Your NuButler will have a few sets of options you can have him do.

NuButler’s 3 Tasks:

  • Ability to go to the grocery store. He will not deplete your energy bar but will go to the store and pick up a random item/cosmetic for you at 0 cost.
  • Ability to help build. With your resident, you will be able to place items down which costs energy. If you allow him to help you build all energy used up to a limited amount of time/items will cost 50% of the original rate.
  • Ability to speak to him… maybe NuButler may tell you something interesting… he may just send you on different special quests with rare rewards if you are lucky enough!

Utility #8: Earn $BITS & Access to $BITS Ecosystem

What Are $BITS?

$BITS is a ERC-20 cryptocurrency token built on the ethereum blockchain. The primary use is to interact with the Gridcraft/NuCyber ecosystem and gaming world.

Anyone can use $BITS to purchase cosmetics, in-game items, content, perks and more within Gridcraft/NuCyber. You will be able to spend $BITS in the Gridcraft Marketplace and be able to use those items within the gaming world.

We will continue to update this section as we continue to explore different ways $BITS can be utilized in our current ecosystem and other ecosystems.

Stake to Earn $BITS

If you are a NuCyber resident, you will be able to stake to earn a cryptocurrency token known as $BITS. Simply visit and stake your NuCyber NFT to start earning $BITS. You will be able to earn ~288 $BITS per day by staking your NFT that can be utilized throughout the Gridcraft/NuCyber gaming world.

Early Game Mechanics

Gaming Mechanics

It’s very important to understand how the game actually works in order to fully understand the utility. There will be tons of activities, quests, minigames and progress you can make within the Gridcraft world (which includes NuCyber). Especially as development progresses, we can expect more advancement and a better experience for players to be created.

What is Energy?

Energy within the Gridcraft world is a temporary level bar (very similar to Stamina). If you do more things within the game world, your energy will deplete. Energy can be regenerated through various different tasks. It’s very important to understand how energy works because it’s crucial to advance within the game.

Three Categories of Activities That Use Energy:

  • Activities that advance your character’s levels, progress or assets within the game (USES ENERGY). Examples: Growing your NuBusiness, Doing quests for rewards, building within your plot, etc.
  • Activities that are fun without direct progress incentive to your character (DOESN’T USE ENERGY) Examples: Playing minigames, exploring/traveling around the world, chatting, etc.
  • Activities that regenerate your energy. Examples: drinking an energy drink or coffee, sleeping (being logged off), napping, dreaming (top SECRET concept), etc.
Flow Chart of Energy Mechanics

Our goal for energy is to allow players to have activities to do daily so they can advance their progress within the game while meeting the needs of players that don’t want to progress and just want to have fun within the gaming environment.

We will release a list of activities that deplete energy as we continue to build out the system and add functionality within the game to support each activity.

NuCyber Reveal + Rebrand

As you may know, due to the rebrand from Llamascape this extended reveal just “slightly”. We planned to reveal Llamascape right around now but with the unfortunate obstacles, we will be rebranding to NuCyber.

With this NuCyber rebrand, this will include a new identity and on top of that new artwork for the reveal. Your metadata will update (which includes the art and assignment of a random property size) during reveal and we will give notice pre-hand. Our priority is this reveal for the week so stay tuned for the discord announcements.

1:1 Luxury Apartments:

At the moment token ID #1–387 will be assigned the luxury apartment 1:1 but we’d like to reward the community and round the number up and 13 random residences will be assigned as a 1:1 and will gain all future benefits/perks. At the moment the perks aren’t explained yet but we plan to release the information during reveal to give everyone a fair chance to grab one. The perks will relate with increases in boosts within the game world, special treatment, bigger apartment and much more.


We are excited to build this out and have already started to create a lot of the V1 so we are ready for a playtest as mentioned above in the “Summary” section. We will continue to post updates and inform all future and current NuCyber residents of all developmental statuses.

If you have questions, use our official links below:

Discord —
Twitter — +

We will be updating this article later on after release with a FAQ to help with a majority of questions that people may have.